The Funganomics Ultimate Showdown

The Bull Family

The Funganomics
Ultimate Showdown

Battle to Earn
Eth !

The Baddies

Battle to Earn Eth!

Clan Owners

Become a clan owner with Funganomics Ultimate Showdown by minting your own clan and take your gaming prowess to the next level by becoming a manager or player manager. Clan owners are able to select players to become part of their clan. Make sure to pick your players wisley as there could be some serious prizes at stake.

Clan owners will receive 5% of players earnings plus 40% of monthly clan prizes for finishing in the top 5 positions in the league. The higher the league the higher the prizes.

Monthly Clan Leagues

Monthly Clan leagues bring you and your clan buddies together as you’re all battling for your clan league prizes. Chat with your clan about previous battles wins, strategies and up and coming leagues and Battle Royale’s via Clan Chat features.

Weekly Player Leauges

Weekly player leagues is where you can earn ETH and valubale clan points. Each battle you win you will earn tokens, XP, clan points, battle stars and another step towards the higher leauge which will have even bigger ETH prizes.

Battle Royales

Imagine if you will there are just 3 hours left in the monthly clan league. You’re live on Youtube, your clan is level pegging with another clan.

It’s you and one player left in a Battle Royale with x3 clan points on the line both with minimum health the pressure is on! You dodge a spinning roundhouse kick and deliver a final blow to win the Battle Royale and $250,00 in ETH is awarded to your clan!



Total Clans


Battle Prizes

0.1 - 20 ETH

Daily Battles


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